Academics/Physical Education/Sports

Fully Accredited

The school renewed its accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the Western Catholic Educational Association in June of 2016. Our Lady of Lourdes School received its full accreditation valid through June 2022.


We follow the Sacramento Diocesan standards found at the Diocese of Sacramento, Catholic School Department website. These standards follow the California State Standards but are enhanced with a religious thread running throughout. Text books are chosen to follow the Diocesan Standards.

New language arts textbooks for grades K through 8th. Math, Science, Reading/Comprehension, Social Studies, Phonics, Physical Education, and Art are part of our school curriculum.

The school has a computer lab that is used for instruction and to access the internet for information.

Students at all grade levels participate in educational field trips throughout the school year. Usually two or three field trips are scheduled for each grade level. Field trips are dependent on parent drivers.

Physical Education/Sports

Physical Education is taught to all grade levels.

After School sports are usually available to students in 5th through 8th depending on team size and volunteer coaches. Games are played against schools with similar team formations.

Available sports are typically volleyball for girls in the fall and basketball for girls and boys in the winter. Boys flag football has been added the last couple of years available as well as girls and boys soccer. Teams are subject volunteer coaches and student participation.

2018-19 Sports Packet